Hi Justin!

Thanks for checking out my website. Although we have already met, I would love to show you more of my World. 

I love to play to keep things interesting for myself so on my site you'll find anything from music videos, fashion shoots and commercial promos through documentary projects and fine art abstract work. Go to the menu bar to scroll through various sections of the site.

My life revolves mainly around two words: humanity and adventure. I love new experiences and I'm always looking for connection with other humans whether it is through empathy or humor.

My strongest qualities are grit, adaptability and curiosity. I love learning new technical skills and I'm determined to bring projects to completion even if it involves moving some mountains. I have a strong artistic vision, but I also love collaborating and working with other people's ideas in a spirit of creative synergy.

I'm a big dreamer and some of the things I would like to do one day are: designing and constructing a creative orphanage, filming a music video for Björk and creating a network of local craft communities for the elderly.

Stuff I like